Postel Network Operator’s Scholarship in #Canada فرصة متميزة: منحة دراسية باستيل لمشغلي الشبكات في #كندا

Kamal Sedra
Kamal Sedra
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هل انت/ي مهندس شبكات، هل انت/ي موظف الدعم التشغيلي والبنية التحتية للشبكات، هل انت/ي استاذ اكاديمي في نفس المجال،

وهل تبحث عن فرص لتطوير نفسك. اليك ببرنامج الزمالة لمنحة باستيل لمشغلي الشبكات.  سميت هذه المنحة ذكرى لعالم الكمبيوتر جون باستيل والذي يعتبر من مؤسسي شبكة الانترنت.

المنحة مقدمة لمهنيين من الدول النامية من قبل مجموعة مشغلي الشبكات لشمال امريكا (NANOG) لحضور اجتماعاتهم. مع العلم ان اخر موعد لتقديم الطلبات نهاية هذا الشهر 31 تموز 2015

The Postel Scholarship honors the life and work of Jon Postel, a significant contributor to the development of Internet standards and protocols.

The Scholarship provides funding so that network operators from developing nations may attend back-to-back meetings of NANOG and ARIN. The Scholarship aims to make it possible for operators to attend who would not otherwise be able to, with the intent that their attendance will build on the legacy of Jon Postel’s lifetime contribution to the Internet.
The application process is now open until 31-July-2015 with announcement of award on 10-August-2015 for NANOG/ARIN meetings on 5-9-October-2015 in Montreal, Canada.

Award Package

Scholarship awardees will be provided with funding to attend a specified NANOG and ARIN meeting at a time when those two meetings are held in the same location, typically in the fall of each year. Funding covers transportation to and from the meeting location, a reasonable (local host standard) allowance for food and accommodations, and all fees for participation in the meetings, tutorials and social events of the NANOG and ARIN meetings. The final grant size is determined according to specific costs and available funding. Successful applicants will be informed of their selection at least two months prior to the meeting date.

One Scholarship is typically awarded per year. At its option, the Internet Society may increase or decrease the number of recipients each year based on the current state of the Scholarship fund and the variable costs of travel and accommodations.

Target Audience

The Postel Network Operator’s Scholarship targets personnel from developing countries who are actively involved in Internet development, in any of the following roles:

  • Engineers (Network Builders)
  • Operational and Infrastructure Support Personnel
  • Educators and Trainers

Criteria for Selection

The Postel Network Operator’s Scholarship Committee will select award recipients according to the following criteria:

  • Membership in the target audience listed above
  • Residence in a developing country
  • Demonstrated ability to make use of the experiences gained from attending the NANOG and ARIN meetings, and to apply such within their country or region
  • Evaluation of an abstract of a presentation to be given at the meeting

There are no criteria or restrictions or other requirements, including but not limited to nationality, location, age, or gender. Applicants from any part of the world will be considered.

Selection process

Individuals may nominate themselves for the Scholarship via email in PLAIN ASCII in the BODY of the message, not as an attachment nor as a Word document, PDF, or any other form to or by filling out the form below. The Scholarship will be awarded annually to a recipient selected by a committee comprising representatives from the NANOG Board of Directors and the ARIN Board of Trustees. The selection committee will “whimsically” select the annual recipient exclusively in response to the question: “What Would Jon Do?” if he were asked to select a recipient.

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    I am from pakistan christian girl complete my in 2010 but not get bank job now work in school as a teacher I really want to get this scholarship for my further studies and also spread light of knowledge here.