Advisor of behavior management of Adolescence in Save the Children

Kamal Sedra
Kamal Sedra

Advisor of behavior management of Adolescence

I. Background:

Save the Children International is implementing “Youth in

Action (YIA)” Project in five African countries, namely: Burkina

Faso, Egypt, Ethiopia, Malawi and Uganda with the aim of

improving the socio-economic situation of out-of-school young

people aged 12–18 years in rural areas. Every youth who

participates in the program goes through a 10 months cycle

where he/she improves their literacy, life skills, work readiness

skills and eventually is supported to engage in one of the

following 5 pathways: back to school, vocational training,

apprenticeship, and starting a micro enterprise.

In Egypt the project is targeting 8200 youth in Assuit and

Sharqiya through the period from 2014 to 2017.

Objectives of this Assignment:

This project utilizes a special curriculum that was developed for

the age group from 15-18 years old provided through a series

of sessions per week. Now Save the Children wishes to Hire a

specialist to strengthen the capacities of facilitators & trainers

on how to manage youth’s behavior through educational

sessions and develop their skills and positive behaviors to

prepare them for the labor market through three training days

in Assiut& Sharqia.

II. Roles & responsibilities:

Activities under the Consultant’s responsibility:

– Develop a training plan based on Save the Children’s

requirements by using tools and activities to address the


– Adolescence and teenagers characteristics and the

best ways to create a positive environment that

fosters a sense of young men and women’s safety,

respect and appreciation

– The development of positive skills and values through

active learning that improves communication skills-
time management- group work- Negotiation Planning-
Decision making)


– Management of adolescent behavior within the

educational sessions.

– Conduct two 3-day workshops for 30 participants; one in

Sharqiya and one in Assuit

Save the Children will bear the consultant’s costs of travel

and accommodation in Assuit and Sharqiya during the


III. Documents to be provided

– Technical proposal must include:

– Previous experience

– Sample of previous work

– Training agenda

– Financial proposal\ rate per day

IV. Deliverables:

– Implementation time frame

– Operational plan

– Training material hardcopy and electronic version

V. Qualifications required:

– At least 5 years experience in similar materials’


– Previous experience in the education field

VI. Duration

The duration for this assignment is one month from the date of

signing this contract.

VII. Terms of payment:

– The full payment will be disbursed upon the completion of

the training workshops in the two governorates and the

submission of the training materials (hard and electronic

VIII. Confidentiality and Record of Right:

All materials, reports and other documents produced by the

consultant under this task will be the sole property of Save the

Children International. The consultant will maintain high level

of confidentiality with external actors/stakeholders, with regards

to all the materials and reports produced under the task. For any

use of the produced materials/reports/documents, other than for

the purpose of the project and Save the Children International,

the consultant must receive a formal approval from Save the

Children International in writing.


IX. Child Protection Policy

Save the Children International is a child rights organization

where all its staff and consultants, associates, and vendors sign

on Save the Children International’s Child Protection Policy

that aims to reduce the possibility of incidence of child abuse

and exploitation. The consultant will sign and abide by Save the

Children International’s child protection policy along with the


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