International Fellowship in Thailand فرصة زمالة دولية للشباب في تايلاند

Kamal Sedra
Kamal Sedra
Scholarships منح دراسية

Peacebuilding through Mindfulness & Meditation

When: 16 – 29 June 2016
Where: Thailand
Application deadline: 28 Feb 2016
Eligibility deadline: 11 Apr  2016
How to applyInternational Youth Fellowship

The Peace Revolution International Youth Fellowship offers a 14 days intensive training program providing participants with deeper insight into the relationship between inner peace and sustainable world peace.

In addition to our intense meditation practice, participants will gain knowledge of various theoretical approaches that include:

  • Conflict resolution and the role of the basic human self-disciplines;
  • The role of our habits in our daily life and how to improve; the 5 Rooms of life
  • The factors that determine our perception to think, act and speak; relation between body and mind
  • Leadership: Eight pillars for a stable peaceful society
  • Thai-Buddhist Studies

Presently, the fellowship will take place at the Mooktawan Sanctuary on an island at the southern part of Thailand. Participants will enjoy meditating in a serene and peaceful near-forest environment. Well, many people say it′s a celestial hideaway on Earth.



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