UN Volunteers to assist in relief efforts in Ecuador دعوة للتطوع لدعم جهود الامم المتحدة للاغاثة في الإكوادور

Kamal Sedra
Kamal Sedra
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On 16 April 2016, the Pacific coast of Ecuador was hit by a 7.8-magnitude earthquake, the strongest in decades, killing at least 480 people and injuring more than 4,600. More than 300 aftershocks have been recorded since Saturday. A state of emergency has been declared in six of the country’s regions. Among the worst-hit towns was Pedernales, which is declared a Disaster Zone.The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme has established an Ecuador Earthquake Taskforce to coordinate the needed support on the ground. Its first priority was to secure the wellbeing of UN Volunteers, and UNV is relieved that all 25 UN Volunteers serving in Ecuador are reportedly safe.

In close cooperation with the UN system, UNV is now working to guarantee the continued safety and wellbeing of all our UN Volunteers.

In collaboration with a number of UN partner agencies on the ground in Ecuador, UNV is assessing how UN Volunteers can assist in the relief efforts. UNV is ready to mobilize volunteers with extensive experience in the field of emergency response and early recovery.

People who are interested to serve as UN Volunteers in the response to the crisis in Ecuador are invited to register their profiles here, and select the code “ECUADOR_2016” in the Special Recruitment Section. If you are already registered on the UNV roster, go to myprofile.unv.organd select the code “ECUADOR_2016” in the Special Recruitment Section.

Based on previous experience in this kind of emergency, we are likely to need the support of UN Volunteers in the areas of civil engineering, architecture, disaster reduction, monitoring and evaluation, reporting, and communications, among others. As soon as the needs for specific volunteer assignments are defined, we will publish more details on our website here, and on our social media platforms.

UNV will continue to update the information on its response to the earthquake in Ecuador as things develop over the coming days.

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